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Unser Podcast Inside Xpomet bringt unsere zukünftigen Referenten näher und gibt Ihnen einen Einblick in das Festivalgeschehen.

When it comes to China, no Western journalist knows more than Frank Sieren. We talked to him about how to plug in the gaps between West and East.

Can you optimise every aspect of your life to completely transform your health? Michelle Longmire certainly thinks so: we sat down with her to discuss the concept of the Human Digitome.

As head of the European Lead Factory, Dimitrios Tzalis is on a mission to transform the drug discovery process. We sat down with him to talk about his journey.

From Cannabis skeptic to top entrepreneur, learn more about how Moran Grinberg is redefining the entire market!

Who do you call when you want to bridge the gap between China and Germany? Chenchao Liu! We spoke with the business consultant on how the relationship between China and the EU can be fostered in today’s climate.

Neeraj Jain is the Country Director for PATH in India. We sat down with him to discuss how PATH is improving healthcare outcomes in the country.

In healthcare, data is everything. In a country such as India, collecting data successfully can be a challenge. We meet the woman behind Outline India, a for-profit company that aims to transform the nation.

We sat down with Christian Tidona, CEO of BioMedX Innovation Centre, to discuss everything from the difficulties of a STEM Career to Germany’s need for more start-up incubators. Listen to the whole podcast now!

What does aviation and medicine have in common? Meet Sophie Brackertz, the innovator bridging the gap.

Former Indian ambassador to Germany H.E Gurjit Singh is the expert on German/Indian partnerships. We sat down with him to discuss what that means in the context of healthcare.

Shafi Ahmed was the first surgeon to stream a surgery online using Google Glass. Now he wants to change the way surgery is taught. We sat down with him to talk about his work.

CEO and Director Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) Dr. Saiyed’s initial training has been in neurosciences, where he received his PhD from Max-Planck Institute. In our Inside Xpomet Podcast, we dig deep into his work, discussing everything from the rapid rise of the Indian Start-Up Scene to the possibility of a potentially world-altering pandemic.

Barry Shrier was one of the first people to develop and call on governments to roll out electric cars. Now he’s turned his eye to the world of healthcare. Listen to Inside Xpomet to learn more about his incredible personal journey.

The Estonian Genome Project revolutionised healthcare in the small Baltic nation. In this episode of Inside Xpomet, we meet Jaanus Pikani, the man who made it happen.