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Precision Medicine Programme

Precision Medicine Programme at EDU

Discover the foundations of precision medicine with our programme at EDU. Course starts February 2020. Learn more below!

Our Precision Medicine programme is a 12-week digital, remote study course developed with experts in this innovative field. Created in partnership with XPOMET and the Precision Medicine Alliance (PMA), the course covers the basics of precision medicine, how Precision Medicine Centres are being implemented, and the field’s importance and impact on clinical practice and our future healthcare. 

This course is designed for healthcare professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and innovators as well as young professionals and medical students. Discover a personalised and effective approach to medicine that’s changing the roles of medical staff, scientists, modern clinical practice, and, ultimately, the future of healthcare.

The EDU Precision Medicine course is supported by a community of medical experts, including:

“And my motivation is healing and prevention. That’s precision medicine. What we’re moving towards is not only more precise diagnosis, but better prevention and better health for all.”

Dr.  Henri Michael von Blanquet  M.D., MaHM   
Chairman of the Medical Board of XPOMET Medicinale

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“Precision medicine is the future. As a practitioner and specialist in human genetic medicine. I work with patients on a day to day basis and understand the impact faster and more efficient genetic diagnostics can have. Genetic diagnosis is the start to the best and most precise therapy for patients – what matters more than that?” 

Dr.  Saskia Biskup 
Practice for Human Genetics, Tübingen
Co-founder Centre for Genomics & Transcriptomics

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“By digitising our healthcare system where we can and educating those it impacts – from its patients to healthcare industry stakeholders – we are moving toward providing better healthcare, one that is patient-focused and personalised.”

Dr. med. Jasper zu Putlitz
Lecturer at the Hasso Plattner Institute Digital Health Center

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“This opportunity is highly motivating to me. That is, to play a part in optimising the production and flow of information in the healthcare system – in effect, to fundamentally improve the system – and thereby positively affecting the lives of everyone.”

Dr.  Dirk Evers 
Respected Consultant in Precision Medicine and Biotechnology
Former Senior Advisor, New York Genome Centre

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About EDU:

Founded in June 2018, EDU is a brand of Digital Education Holdings Ltd. (DEH), a private institution for higher education, with a vision to substantially increase the quality and accessibility of education. EDU’s degree programmes include Europe’s first digital medical school – EDU Medical (hyperlink to www.medical.edu.mt) and its course in Human Medicine. EDU’s state-of-the-art digital learning platform offers a 21st Century education model incorporating modern didactic methodologies and is fully accessible to students and learners wherever they are.



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