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Sail Away to SUENJHAID! The Health Captains 2019

Ahoi! Fancy a trip to the seaside? Currently enjoying their 16th year of sustainable leadership, SUENJHAID! The Health Captains takes place as every year during the ascension period on the picturesque Föhr Island. Meaning “health” in Fering, the local language of Germany’s second-most northern Island (after Sylt), SUENJHAID! was established to create a multi-professional and multi-sectoral “silo-free” Leadership-Think-Tank in order to help improve the global health market. As an official partner of XPOMET © MEDICINALE ©, we invite all members of our community to meet and collaborate on the Island, and to also to bring your input towards the XPOMET Medicinale 2019 / 2020.

SUENJHAID! 2019 is organized by the Chairman of SUENJHAID! and the Founder of Precision Medicine Alliance (PMA). PMA is an international multi-stakeholder business platform bringing standard operating procedures (SOP`s) towards precision medicine. Precision medicine is a medical model that wants to customise the healthcare system by tailoring treatment to the individual on the basis of the molecular diagnostic level (e.g. NGS-Sequencing). Both SUENJHAID! and the PMA hope to achieve this goal by bringing stakeholders to their value-based platform, establishing an optimal outcome for the patient and creating a sustainable healthcare system. By amassing 150 guests — otherwise known as the Dunbar Number — SUENJHAID! The Health Captains will create, synchronized with the XPOMET Medicinale Community, a Tipping Point that allows society to move forward. This is in line with their central thesis that “Health is a task for the entire society.”

Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet, who is also the head of the XPOMET © MEDICINALE © Medical Board, is the founder of the event, which runs from 30 May to 2 June 2019. He will present the themes of XPOMET © to the island’s visitors with a talk on International Value-Based Healthcare. Other highlights include talks on the Human Cell Atlas Project, The Atlas of Humanity and panels on the molecularisation and digitalisation of medicine. This will be accompanied by morning fishing, a golf tournament, museum tours, BBQs and even a party, making Föhr the perfect destination for all members of the health industry.

To learn more about the event, head to their Facebook page now! (https://www.facebook.com/suenjhaid/)

We hope to see you there, where we’re excited to talk more about XPOMET © in person @Föhr Island May 30 – June 2, 2019. For your participation in person send please an direct email to: Blanquet@suenjhaid.org. The capacity is limited to 150 participants. Partner, Family & Friends are welcome – since 2003.

Source: www.foehr.de / www.faehre.de