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Science Slam

Science Slam @ Süß War Gestern

Xpomet’s core mission is to completely revolutionise the world of healthcare by showcasing future developments in health and care and to make science fun and accessible for everyone. That’s why we are hosting a Science Slam! Presented in conjunction with Fachschaftsinitiative Medizin der Charité, it will be the ultimate warm-up event to the Xpomet Medicinale taking place between October 10th and 12th. 

The Science Slam takes place on October 8th, between 20:00 and 23:00, at iconic East Berlin venue Süß War Gestern. Featuring moderation from Ankur Midha, a PhD student in Biomedical Science at FU Berlin and budding stand-up comedian, the event will have over five ten to fifteen minute talks covering the world of science, healthcare, and much much more. With a fully stocked bar courtesy of the venue, it should be a fun and informal event with lots of informative content. 

To register for the event (which is completely free) simply click on the EventBrite link here. We only have space for sixty people max, so register quickly if you want to attend! If you want to take part as a speaker, email our Xpomet marketing manager Mirtsa Kutateladze at mirtsa.kutateladze@xpomet.com and she’ll be sure to find you a space! We welcome students, journalists, doctors, entrepreneurs and more to add their perspective to the world of science and healthcare. Also to learn more about Fachschaftsinitiative Medizin der Charité, head on over to their website now. 

Additionally, you still have the excellent opportunity to take your place at our Medicinale. We have tickets for students, doctors, nurses, start-ups, corporates, the public and more. To see what we have to offer, simply head on over to our ticket page now. Members of the Fachschaft can claim a discount, simply get in touch with them to get over 15% off.