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Clash of Generation: The Generation Mix in the VUCA World


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Clash of Generation: The Generation Mix in the VUCA World

The aim of the World Café is to discover more ideas through dialogue for better interaction with the differing views and forms of communication of the generations, in order to achieve better results with more pleasure. Important aspects to consider are: baby boomers to Gen Z - all under one roof at the same time; dealing with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUKA); Generation-spanning leadership in an agile environment; The new meaning of values. In the 90-minute session, the participants will be accompanied in small groups after a short, meaningful introductory talk with specific questions "from problem to solution" and will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and handling strategies personally in intensive discussions and with changing discussion partners. All participants can easily get involved and have their say. The results of the three rounds of questions will then be presented in plenary sessions so that everyone can benefit from common ideas. The results will be shared with all interested XPOMET visitors at the end of the event. Dipl.-Vw. Pia Drauschke and Dr. med. Stefan Drauschke, moderating and hosting the event, are founders of NextHealth GmbH and shareholders of gök Consulting AG. Their core topics are change management, strategy and leadership culture development in the form of systemic process support with a creative, professional mix of methods and the application of artistic methods as well as individual, team and large group work. Professional training as coaches and trainers as well as many years of leadership experience qualify them for this task.