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Hashtag Gesundheit e.V

Over 120 members now share a passion and a motivation: as a young voice, we make a statement to ensure that the quality of healthcare is sustainable. We are young career starters and students from nursing, medicine and economics with the aim of giving other young people a voice in the health policy discourse. As an ideas workshop, we combine scientific expertise, practical relevance and international experience. The challenges of the future must be solved by the younger generation. This is why we fundamentally question the structures of the German healthcare industry and develop innovative solutions. Through live reports from congresses, interviews with experts or our own content formats, we are in constant exchange with the various players in the healthcare sector. At XPOMET Medicinale 2019, the following questions will be dealt with in various formats based on the book Generation Hashtag, edited by Tanja Heiß, Martin Camphausen and Jochen Werner... — What makes the leaders of the future tick? — What demands do young people have on the working world of tomorrow? — What demands are made on managers in the healthcare industry in times of digitalisation? — What does successful succession planning in management look like? — How do I motivate young talents to perform at their best? — How do I bind Millennials & Co. to my company in the long term? — How does the communication behaviour of the digital natives affect the working world in the healthcare sector?