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HFH Essen

With more than 50 study centers the non-profit, nationally recognized Hamburg remote University ranks among the largest offerers of private remote study. Since its establishment in 1997, its aim has been to improve education accessibility, in particular for working persons.Study center Essen of the Hamburg remote university (HFH) offers courses of studies in the social and health service on Bachelor and master level (e.g. management, occupation pedagogics, care science, social work, psychology). In addition to the practice-oriented university courses, a high degree of applied research competence has been developed in the last 8 years in the field of digitisation in health and care institutions: - The application of AR technology to support the care process and to teleconsult experts, - the facilitation of care documentation through speech recognition and control, - delaying the onset of dementia in patients with mild cognitive impairment through a combination of mental and physical exercise on a sensor mat, - the development of application concepts for humanoid robotics in the care sector Since 2018 the HFH has been the patron of the Xpomet