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Next Health GmbH

Next Health stands for the accompaniment of change processes in companies or divisions as well as in teams and individuals. The underlying principles and methods are basically similar, but the formats and interventions are of course different, whether you work in groups of 20-800 people or in teams of up to 20 members or with individuals in coaching. Five principles are important to us: For the change process: The more people- and requirements-oriented you shape change with us, the more confidently you achieve your goals. For change: Transparency, consistency and participation are the decisive meta-strategies for effective change. For good decisions: Only if you and your employees can imagine the new, will you make good decisions. For consistency: Because you are constantly changing, everything stays the same with you. For holistic thinking: Always think with both halves of your brain (rational and intuitive-emotional) - or according to R. Bandler: "Using more of your brain for a change!”