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Berlin-based simplinic GmbH is a leading provider of asset tracking, live data streaming and process applications for hospitals. Hospital beds, mobile medical devices and aids are localized and read out by Bluetooth low-energy in real time. Customers include acute clinics from all sponsorships. More than 10,000 medical devices and aids are currently located. Simplinic GmbH was founded in 2016 and employs 15 people. The founders of simplinic, Steffen Geyer (CEO, 33) and Sergei Krauze (CTO, 30) met at a large European start-up incubator in Berlin. Majority shareholders are the two founders. In addition to the simplinic NET entry-level product for real-time spatial object localization, there is a solution for efficiently controlling the purification after discharge of patients in the product range, as well as a management cockpit with real-time data for equipment monitoring and analysis and a solution for continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity during drug storage. simplinic NET is an open platform and cooperates with applications of medical device provider and hospital suppliers.