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Start-up Segment

Solutionecosystem19: Xpomet’s New Start-up Segment

Great healthcare systems and thriving start-up scenes go hand-in-hand. Only by constantly disrupting established systems through new innovations can they be improved. That’s why Xpomet is proud to announce the Solutionsecosystem19, Start-up Segment running concurrently with our Medicinale.

There will be a wide range of options for start-ups to take part in the Medicinale, including innovative showcases, workshops on how to build an innovative marketplace, pitching opportunities, matchmaking both at the festival and online, and taking part in a Hackathon. The current sectors of interest are in Diagnosis Solutions, Digital/AI Solutions, Early Invention Solutions, Ecosystem of Solutions, Wearables and Awareness creating solutions. 

This represents a great opportunity for both investors and innovators to scout and accelerate the latest solutions for the healthcare industry. Our aim is to build a new market place for startups by plugging in the missing gaps in the healthcare business. By introducing this start-up segment, we hope to establish Xpomet as the pre-eminent location for fostering innovation in Berlin.

Start-ups, investors and partners are encouraged to take part in this system, either as investors or investees. The high visibility of Xpomet means that attendees can meet over 5,000 decision-makers and experts, the next generation workforce, and become part of a worldwide inter- and -trans-discplinary community.  Current partners already include the Health Innovation Port, Pfizer Healthcare Hub, Germany Trade and Invest, The African Health Innovation Centre, Agnii, Invest India, Startup India, and the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. We might be a little biased, but we think that taking part in this start-up segment represents a really great opportunity to really reinvent the healthcare system! 

If you want to learn more about the respective packages we offer, please feel free to contact our exhibition manager Dr Jubin Shah at jubin.shah@xpomet.com. He will be happy to deal with any request that you might have.