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Speaker Application

Speaker Application for XPOMET© Medicinale 2020, 14-16 October 2020, Arena Berlin

Speaker application deadline: April 30, 2020
Speakers will be notified by: MidMay, 2020

Great! You have found your way to the speaker application for the XPOMET© Medicinale Scientific Congress. You are welcome to submit your application with your input towards the organizational team and the Medical Board through this channel. Therefore please read the following information carefully:

What is XPOMET© Medicinale about?

The XPOMET© Medicinale is an international festival platform to showcase best practice and highlight trends in global healthcare and forecast future developments in health and tech. Creative disruption and knowledge transfer are the backbone of Medicinale. Over 5,000 international guests will hear from over 150 inspiring speakers, engage in public and private deep dives and join more than 200 of the most inventive companies with the aim of enabling and fostering new transdisciplinary solutions, business models and partnerships in medicine and life sciences. The Impact Farm will be hosting its top-tech Hackathon #healthhackathon20 and an outstanding portfolio of international start-ups will be competing to show off their most recent innovations. Running alongside the festival, artists and musicians will show how medicine and life sciences inspire contemporary creative minds. Join our community and shape the future of health and care together with us!

The XPOMET© Medicinale conferences focus internationally on 360-degree Innovation in Medicine and Care.

What is special about this Scientific Congress at XPOMET© Medicinale?

We are a neutral platform offering a high-quality event with presentations by interdisciplinary experts for experts that provide actionable value. We highly encourage intensive discussions and Q&A sessions during the event. The Scientific Congress covers wide range of topics such as Precision Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Global Digital Health, Space Medicine, Robotics, AI and its various applications in healthcare, Nano-Medicine, Changing business models in healthcare, Science and Arts, Smart Diagnostics, Neuro-diagnostics solutions, Smart Hospitals and various other topics. The topics are curated by former researchers and supervised by the international XPOMET© Medicinale Medical Board.

Read testimonials from some of our top speakers now!

Who is the main target audience of the Scientific Congress?

Most participants are multi-level and multi-professional healthcare professionals, Hospital Provider and University Hospital C-Level (CEO´s, CMO´s, CFO`s, CTO´s, CIO´s), Health Industry Leaders, Health Insurance Leaders, Innovators and Investors, Startup founders and Health Entrepreneurs, Senior Researchers, Students and Health Policy Makers. Our attendees have a tremendous interdisciplinary background. Many are leading decision makers in their specific industry or at high academic positions.

What are the different session formats inside our 90 Minute Panels?

  • International Leadership Keynote is a visionary lecture (~25) on a major topic by well-known experts – there are very limited slots!
  • Keynote Slots(~10-15) are welcome to present an International, European or National project, mission and vision with key results from startups, scientific or provider institutions, value-based innovations out of the health industry, white-papers, a scientific or provider network for digital health, precision medicine etc. — example test cases are always appreciated.
  • Panel Discussions follow the keynotes(~30) and fosters an environment for exchanges of ideas between speakers in one session and also a Q/A with the audience. This allows different perspectives to come together.
  • Workshops (~90)

How many times could / should I submit an application?

You can even submit multiple applications for the same conference, e.g. for a talk, Panel Discussion and Workshop or bringing a showcase to XPOMET© Medicinale in Berlin.

Can I add a co-speaker?

This has to be approved by the organizing team.

Can I submit for my colleague / boss?

We prefer the speaker to submit their own application.

Do I have to pay for the tickets?

If you are selected as a speaker, we offer you a free ticket for the XPOMET© Medicinale giving access to all parts of the event and the evening parties to interact and connect with the XPOMET Community – we prefer speakers who are interested to start with XPOMET© a working continuum to build XPOMET© satellites and think-tanks. In the community and alliance system you find partners we have invited to be part of the working continuum on implementing innovations (XM 7i-Strategy) and deliver value-based healthcare to patients and society.

Do I get free tickets for my colleagues?

Yes, we can provide and negotiate individually to deliver some free tickets for your colleagues based on additional valuable input for XPOMET© Medicinale or the support of some additional bookings, e.g. showcases.

What if I have to cancel my presentation?

Kindly let us know immediately and, if possible, offer a replacement speaker (the acceptance of the replacement speaker is decided by the organizing team and the panel chair).

May I present my company?

Yes you are welcome to introduce yourself and your company, but please two slides only and for max. 1 minute. The participants will ask you about your company if your presentation is convincing. So, focusing on your content is the best promotion for your company.

Will there be a panel-discussion and the opportunity for a Q&A at the end of my presentation?

Yes, after your keynote you are part of the panel discussions together with your panel colleagues moderated by 1-2 Chairpersons out of the leadership.

What will be the procedure be after my submission?

Our Program Director, together with the Medical Board, will check the submission text and contact you if there are any questions or feedback. There would be a telephone/Skype/Zoom call scheduled to discuss expectations from both sides. If your session is confirmed, we’ll send you an email with a link to register online and more info on the conference. Please register immediately after receiving the link. Otherwise we will assume that you are not available anymore and we may replace your session.

Do I have to send my presentation before the event?

Yes, at least two weeks before the event you must send us your presentation. This allows us to check your content and give you feedback.

What’s a good presentation?

Be open, honest and concrete: Focus on the content and not on marketing. Presentations with examples and clear indications are best received by the participants and help drive a clearer discussion. Sales pitches are not allowed. Convince our attendees with your project, your personality and your expertise and we will promote you and start a working continuum.

How do you judge my submission?

By the topic, interest and motivation. If we find your topic and interest relevant for our Scientific Congress, we will maximize our efforts to allot you a speaker slot.

Please check if you know members from the Medical Board, Advisory Board or the group of XPOMET© Medicinale Ambassadors and Past Speakers in person to support your introduction as a mentor and to integrate you faster into our community.

These guidelines will provide you a necessary direction to submit your application and hopefully allow us to create a highly impactful Scientific Congress. We look forward to your speaker application.

To learn more about the speaker application process reach out to the following Persons: Head of Scientific Congress Jubin Shah at jubin.shah@xpomet.com or Conference Manager Janita Mintcheva at janita.mintcheva@xpomet.com.