Board certified surgeon FMH, SGC), general practitioner, sports physician, rescue physician, and acupuncturist. Owner bragapraxis in Giesshübl: Surgery, pain treatment, GP and acupuncture. Co-founder and CMO of eedoctors: Smartphone app based medical video-teleconsultation service. Owner of the consulting company bragamed GmbH, specialized in telemedicine, eHealth, basic and emergency health care, military and catastrophe medicine, as well as strategic healthcare management. Consultant and expert for the „Hauptverband der Sozialversicherungen“ (association of the social security providers) in Austria for the implementation of telemedical consultation (triage). Associate professor for Telemedicine at MedUniWien, University for Applied Sciences St. Pölten and University Zürich. Peer reviewer of numerous bachelor and master thesis in the telemedical / eHealth field. Associate professor for military and catastrophe medicine, MedUni Zürich. Author of various articles and book chapters on „telemedicine“. Vice-president TelmedAustria. Vice-president of the Swiss Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (SGTMeH). LtCol in the Army Medical Force (staff of the GenMjr of the Swiss Army Medical Corps).