Dr. med. Anke Diehl, M.A. is Digital Change Manager at the University Medical Center Essen and responsible for the implementation of innovative projects within the scope of the Smart Hospital's digitization strategy. As a physician, she has worked clinically and scientifically in neurology, psychiatry, neuroradiology and radiology. After a part-time Master's degree in Management, she left university medicine for more than eight years and worked for the subordinate department of the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Health, where she headed the Department of Supply Structure Development at LZG.NRW from 2012 to February 2018. She is a board member of SMITH (MII), an expert on the Medical Advisory Board for the development of the telematics infrastructure in NRW and spokesperson for the working group "Digitisation and Personalisation" of the Medical.NRW Cluster.