Bart de Witte hails from Antwerp, Belgium and lived in Brussels, Zürich, Vienna before calling Berlin his home in 2016. He is an inspiring and award winning digital health tech leader. He is the founder of HIPPO AI, an NGO that focusses on Open Sourcing Medical AI, and the founder of the DHealth Academy based in Berlin. He is part of the founding faculty of the European Institute of Exponential Technologies and Desirable Futures, futur.io. An institute that focusses on finding alternative European strategies for this current post-modern era and creating new methodologies for opening up chinks between the diverse possibilities and preferences for more ideal futures offering a greater social benefit. With his mission to use technology for the greater good, Bart has been on a mission to harness the power of artificial intelligence to help to solve current and future inequalities in healthcare. He wrote his first paper on Artificial Intelligence in 1989 while he was on grammar school, and restated his interest in 2010, while working for IBM. His experience and his vision places him in a unique position to deliver research-based, entertaining, inspirational keynotes around the topic of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.