Castro Soeiro

Prof. Dr. Filipe Castro Soeiro is a senior international academic and executive leader, professor and researcher, with 15+ years of experience and deep understanding of the for-profit higher education, education technology, corporate knowledge management and executive training sectors, and 25+ years of international experience as senior corporate executive in multiple technology, industry, market and business life cycles. He is an international scholar and expert in digitization strategy, innovation, technology monitoring, digital business, digital marketing and digital transformation in the industry 4.0, including the fields of smart cities and urban planning, telecommunications and networks, e-commerce, fintech and machine learning, cleantech, energy, biotech, digital health, regional innovation ecosystems and global supply chains, smart factories, project management and business consultancy. He is well experienced in leading start-up, transformation and growth of higher education and business organizations, projects and teams in Europe, China and U.S. and is an avid learner, holding five degrees and three post-graduation programs in different fields. He is a strategic advisor and a change maker, who is market driven, oriented to results, and brings to an organization the ability to bridge strategy, business, academic and research.