Dr. Sen’s program is interested in tissue injury and repair. His group works across small animals, large animal model to human and patient-based research. In the brain, specific focus is directed towards stroke biology and related neurodegeneration. In a 2017 publication in Nature Nanotechnology, the Sen Group reported successful tissue reprogramming in vivo and use of skin-derived reprogrammed neural cells to rescue the stroke-affected brain. Dr. Sen’s laboratory has concluded Phase I and Phase II stroke clinical trials and is currently planning a Phase III stroke trial testing the tocotrienol form of natural vitamin E. Almost two decades ago, Dr. Sen reported that the tocotrienol form of natural vitamin E is orders of magnitude better than the widely known tocopherol form of vitamin E in protecting neural cells and the brain tissue. This line of work progressed from rodent stroke to canine stroke to clinical trial. Dr. Sen’s work is cited 25,000+ times in the literature. At present, he is cited more than 2,000 times annually and has an H-index of 83.