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Jennifer Esposito


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Jennifer Esposito

Jennifer has been working at the intersection of health and technology for her entire career. Jennifer studied epidemiology and biostatistics at Dartmouth College where she was also a research associate in the Department of Community and Family Medicine, working on epidemiologic studies of cancer. The majority of Jennifer's career was spent at GE Healthcare where she led teams focused on delivering quality service to their Interventional Radiology and Cardiology installed base and enhancing product reliability and serviceability through the use of new technologies including IoT, Artificial Intelligence and broadband connectivity. Jennifer then spent over 4 years at Intel, leading their health and life sciences group. During this time Jennifer was active on multiple policy activities, including expansion of broadband in rural communities (including co-chair of the Broadband Commission working group on digital health and non-communicable diseases), global health security agenda (as chair of the GHSA Private Sector Roundtable) and building awareness of how new technologies like AI and 5G can improve healthcare and expand access to care. Jennifer and her team developed reference architectures: from the most extreme, compute intensive use cases (drug discovery and precision medicine) to those that would leverage lower cost technology solutions for primary care and community clinics. Jennifer is now the VP and General Manager of Health at Magic Leap. Magic Leap is a startup company that is building the next generation of computing: spatial computing. Jennifer and her team are working to build tools and development frameworks that will enable the ecosystem to bring spatial computing to a wide range of use cases in health, fitness and research.