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Jonathan Kimmelman


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Jonathan Kimmelman

Jonathan Kimmelman, PhD, is James McGill Professor of Biomedical Ethics at McGill University, and directs the Biomedical Ethics Unit as well as his own research group, STREAM (Studies in Translation, Ethics and Medicine). Kimmelman’s research centers on ethical, policy, and scientific dimensions of drug and diagnostics development. In addition to his book, Gene Transfer and the Ethics of First-in-Human Experiments (Cambridge Press, 2010), major publications have appeared in Science, JAMA, BMJ, and Hastings Center Report. Kimmelman received the Maud Menten New Investigator Prize (2006), a CIHR New Investigator Award (2008), a Humboldt Bessel Award (2014), and was elected a Hastings Center Fellow (2018). He has sat on various advisory bodies within the U.S. NHLBI and NIAID, served for four tours of duty on U.S. National Academies of Medicine committees, and chaired the International Society of Stem Cell Research Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation revision task force 2015-16. His research has been covered in major media outlets, including NPR’s All Things Considered, STATNews, and Nature. Kimmelman is deputy editor at Clinical Trials, and serves as an associate editor at PLoS Biology.