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Radhika Patnala


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Radhika Patnala

Radhika Patnala

Dr. Patnala is the Founder and Director of Sci-Illustrate, a creative agency catering to the design needs of the life science and healthcare industry. A valedictorian, Dr. Patnala received her doctorate from the National University of Singapore, specializing in Neuroscience, Epigenetics and Ischemic Stroke, before which she conducted a year of research in Cancer Biology during her Masters (Hons in Biotech at The Australian National University. Through Sci-Illustrate, she explores the intersection between science and art, and uses her scientific and design expertise to solve design problems for biotech research, industry and pharma. With various life-science tailored design services and scientific illustration/visual communication skill-dev workshops for life-scientists, Sci-Illustrate also operates to enhance effective science communication within the research community and beyond.