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Sprintdoctor: Healing Hairy Challenges

How can we make remote collaborations in the healthcare industry work? Lacking face-to-face contact, this can be a difficult process, suggestions going back and forth over email and phone without anything seeming to go forward. This is where Sprintdoctor comes in, simplifying the process and making remote collaborations the future of the healthcare industry. 

Sprintdoctor is the brainchild of entrepreneur Rakesh Kasturi. As he writes, it applies ‘Google Design sprints to heal big, hairy challenges” and “to develop new products or to improve existing ones” The three main benefits he identifies are collaboration, innovation and acceleration, both making ideas a reality as fast as possible and meaning those ideas can be scaled at a faster pace. 

Last week, as part of our Start Up Segment announcement, he showed members of the Xpomet Community how it would work in person. Although the talk was only brief, audience members could use the power of their smartphones to write suggestions for how the healthcare industry could be improved, which were then beamed onto a projector, allowing us to hash out solutions in real time. Complex issues were then quickly compressed into bitesize pieces, showing how scaling solutions can work across different fields. People could vote on their favourite suggestions, meaning that the best ideas rise to the top, weeding out unimaginative concepts. The potential of this technology is huge, meaning that very complex ideas can be tackled in the fastest amount of time and people can work on projects together in a personalised way without needing to be in the same space (which also reduces their carbon footprint and time spent travelling!) 

He will also run a workshop at the Xpomet© Medicinale©, allowing you to experience how Sprintdoctor works in real time. We look forward to seeing you there! If you are interested in coming to our festival, head on over to our ticket page now!