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Startup Event, August 15th: Collaboration for Next Generation

The Xpomet Startup Segment page is now live for you to read. Entitled #Solutionescosystem19, it is a startup event and platform which welcomes investors, startups and mentors to collaborate on new solutions for the healthcare industry. With proud sponsors and partners including Pfizer, Germany Trade & Invest, Ecclesia, Early Secure and Pioneers, the Startup Segment scouts and accelerate the latest ideas in the healthcare industry.

Ahead of the Startup Segment at the Xpomet Medicinale, we will be hosting a small Startup Event on August 15th here in Berlin, offering an informal opportunity to network, discuss and become part of the Xpomet startup community. Entitled Collaboration for Next Generation Healthcare, it welcomes all comers to get involved in thinking about the future. The event runs from 18:00 to 21:00 and takes place at Signals Open Studios — a venture capital firm that believe in fostering and championing new and innovative ideas.  Their location is the perfect spot for an event such as this. You can also learn more about what the company does as they will be giving a short introduction.

After this introduction, we will introduce ourselves and give you an overview of what the Xpomet Startup Segment is about. Rakesh Kasturi, founder of sprintdoctor — a platform that uses Google Design Sprints to “heal big, hairy challenges quickly” — will also give a brief talk about his work and how collaborations can be fostered remotely in the future. You can then get involved in the brief discussion round that will follow on New Models for Building a Marketplace. Afterwards there’s the opportunity to network, with free beers and pretzels for all attendees. 

If you want to register for or learn more about the event, please RSVP to the EventBrite page here. We look forward to seeing you there to help build the healthcare of the future! 

Photo Credit: Open Signals Studios