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STEMPeers — A Global Graduate Network

When it comes to success, knowing is half the battle. This is why networks are so important — giving people access to resources they didn’t even know existed. That’s why we are so glad to join with STEMPeers.

STEMPeers is a nonprofit organization founded with the aim of creating a peer-based mentoring and support platform for the worldwide STEM workforce. Started by a group of STEM graduates who suffered from poor academic training, STEMPeers was created to allow graduates realise their best selves through an open discussion platform. Using STEMPeers means that graduates can find Mentors in their area, who are willing to help them break into what can be a difficult industry. Their expertise and wide-range networks makes them a must join group for anyone interested in a career in STEM-related subjects.

They have five key objectives: Networking, Empowerment, Support, Creativity and Education. To achieve these aims they run various fellowship programs, have special awards and host a variety of events, both in North America and Europe.

Over a month ago, on the 27th April, their Europe branch, EUROStempeers hosted an event at the Charité CrossOver Auditorium in Berlin. With input from our Head of Conference Dr Jubin Shah, who chaired the Entrepreneur Session during the conference, and Xpomet CEO Ulrich Pieper, who laid out the vision of Xpomet, it was a roaring success. At XPOMET© Medicinale, October 2019, we plan to co-organize STEM session on 12th October, covering important topics of ‘Prototyping in the scope of an University’,and ‘Science Policy Making in alignment with UN SDGs’

Are you a STEM-graduate looking for inspiration, access to networks, and a clearer path to success in your chosen field? Then you can’t do wrong with becoming a part of the STEMPeers group.

If you want to learn more about the STEMPeers organisation, become a member, you can check out their website now! Or join XPOMET© Medicinale 2019 & connect with the members of the community in person in October!