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Supporters of Public Day

Calling for Supporters of the Public Day

The XPOMET© MEDICINALE© is all about improving the healthcare system within a global-facing context. We don’t just want to focus on people already established in the industry but also want to invite absolutely anybody with an interest in the world of care. While many medical conferences and tech festivals can be overly focused on insider events and B2B conversations, we want to inspire the next generation of budding scientists and healthcare enthusiasts and business entrepreneurs. That’s why we are happy to have the public day which anybody can attend.

Running on the Saturday, it is truly the highlight of the entire Xpomet experience. Inquiring members of the public can attend Xpomet for the fair price of only 15 euros. They can attend talks, workshops, artistic events and even parties as well as check out the hospital of the future. After all, it is members of the public that will be affected by change in this industry the most. This is in addition to our already fairly priced start-up tickets and student tickets aimed to make this industry as inclusive as it can possibly be.

To purchase your tickets from the public day, or to buy a different ticket, head on over to our registration page now. To make the public day possible, we are gathering a whole host of corporate sponsors, from both within Berlin and in the wider European healthcare community. If you are from a business and would like to sponsor the public day, please feel free to get in contact with us at info@xpomet.com. We have a different range of sponsorship packages, spanning from simply having your logo on our site to co-operation opportunities and even the chance to co-host. Xpomet welcomes both sponsors and members of the public to what will be a truly memorable day.