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SxTech Berlin: The Hottest Event in Town

Whether it’s clubs or cabaret, the Weimar Republic or the Legendary ‘90s, Berlin has always been known for its progressive sexual politics. And in recent years, it’s become even more acclaimed for its innovative start-up culture.

Therefore it’s no surprise to see the two interests merge, with the world of sex meeting the world of deep tech. Nevertheless, the topic of sex does not get enough attention in terms of technology, making it important to bring this subject to the forefront and initiate frank discussions about its future applications. This is what our partners are doing. As sex and technology are deeply related to the world of care and promoting healthy outcomes for everyone, we are happy to announce SxTech Berlin as our latest and hottest partners. 

SxTech Berlin is a one-day conference on July 1st exploring the intersection between sex and technology, forecasting future developments that include Virtual Dating, Data Mining on Dating Apps and Intelligent Contraception. These utopian (or dystopian?) ideals will be contrasted with the pitfalls affecting the industry, including the Stigma of Talking about Sex Products, the difficulties in Creating Sex Tech communities and even a case study about How Not To Design a Sex Toy. Talks by a wide variety of speakers are accompanied by panels, workshops and even a hackathon dedicated to coalescing deep technology solutions. Startups in the Sex Tech and Fem Tech sphere are also encouraged to participate in the “Sx Tech Roundtable Business Session.” After the work has ended, there is time for play with an After Party hidden in a secret location.

It has some well known speakers and strong representation from female founders, with speakers including Sex-Tech Attorney Maxime Lynn, Health Pleasure Collective co-founder Maria Fernanda Peraza, Women’s Health leader and Xpomet Speaker Maike Henningsen and Sx Tech CEO Ola Miedzynska. It takes place in The Drivery in Tempelhof. We recommend all Berlin-based tech entrepreneurs in the Xpomet community to schedule the event in their calendar. If you want to learn more, head over to the SxTech website now! To stay informed, please check out their Facebook Page too.

Photo Credit: Sx Tech