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Ralf Jahns


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Ralf Jahns

"Ralf-Gordon Jahns is the Managing Director at Research2Guidance, a leading market analyst and strategy consultancy company for the global digital health market. He recognized early on the key role digital technologies will play in disrupting the healthcare industry. Since 2008 Ralf strategically advises healthcare companies and start-ups to better understand the value of adopting digital innovations, navigate through untapped/new market opportunities and create best in class digital health solutions to greatly improve the quality of people's lives. Ralf is passionate about digital health and strongly believes in giving something back to the growing global digital health business community. In 2010 he launched the ""mHealth Developer Economics"" research program, the largest digital health research program globally, with yearly publications available to the global health community. He is also the publisher of more than 50 digital health market reports. Prior to founding Research2Guidance, Ralf was a member of the leadership team of Capgemini Telecom Media & Networks Strategy Consulting for more than 15 years. "