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The (N+1) Attempt to Make Connections More Human in the Digital World

In the last few days, I have tried covering some of the topics which are close to my mind and have come up as observations, such as Women in Panel Sessions and the Special Contributions of Others. For XPOMET© Medicinale 2019, I have made connections and communicated with around 250 Speakers, several partners and a huge network of scientists, professionals and innovators. 

In this professional world, it is difficult to judge the connections which are real, genuine or are just for digital operation purposes. As a former scientist who has always been near a lab bench or with a computer or maximum with a small group of similar thinking people, it’s been quite an experience designing and experiencing XPOMET© Medicinale 2019. 

Beyond the scene of all professional experience, I could develop trust and a real connection, which I refer as n + 1 connect, with more than half of the people I networked with during the last 10 months. This is reflected during many times when experienced industry professionals or speakers go beyond their limits to accommodate your requests or to also make you feel comfortable as an organizer. 

This is one unique quality of just expecting things to be perfect and contributing to making it perfect from both sides. The idea of XPOMET© Medicinale 2019, at least from the last 10 months, was to be more human, and yet give a glimpse of future healthcare.

Experiencing networking with students, PhDs, Post doctorates, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Industry Leaders, Politicians, Volunteer and the on-ground team makes it one of the most interesting phases of my career and a huge asset in the experiences I’ve achieved in the different stages of my career. 

I truly believe, adding that last human touch, feeling and the n + 1 efforts for the people you are involved with professionally makes it more special then a regular occasion or an event. This is just some thoughts which I feel like penning down before it becomes more digital.

Photo Credit: Denis Havantsev