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Shawna Pandya

To Space and Beyond: Our Conversation with Dr. Shawna Pandya

When we are young, we all dream of becoming an astronaut, but how many of us actually achieve that dream? How feasible even is it to pursue a career in outer space? To see how the impossible becomes possible, we sat down with Dr. Shawna Pandya, speaking at the Medicinale 2020, who knew she wanted to be an astronaut from a very young age and managed to translate that idea into a reality. 

 Fully qualified physician turned scientist astronaut candidate, Canadian Dr. Shawna Pandya’s career has been one of relentless dedication and curiosity. We talked together about the possibility of Commercial Space Travel, International Collaboration, Space Bases on the Moon and making it to Mars, as well as how discoveries in space can translate to advances in medicine back on earth. To learn more about her incredible journey, and to discover just how long it will take before you can finally take EasyJet to the moon, listen to the podcast below.

Space Medicine will be a key theme once again at the Medicinale 2020, with another astronaut-in-training, Ilaria Cinelli, also returning to contribute her insights. The XPOMET© Medicinale leads the way in finding the boldest and brightest ideas, unafraid to look outside of our own planet to find solutions to the most pressing issues in the healthcare system. 

On a personal note, I really enjoyed this podcast, giving me the chance to ask about all the things I had seen in science fiction movies and wondered if they could actually become real. If you are a member of the XPOMET© community, or you would like to be a member of the XPOMET© community, please feel free to get in touch with me at redmond.bacon@xpomet.com and we will be sure to organise something soon. For more podcasts, head on over to our podcast page for a variety of different and interesting conversations.