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XPOMET© @ Websummit: An Opportunity for Collaboration

When it comes to tech conferences, you can’t get much bigger than Websummit. With huge names ranging from Edward Snowden to Tony Blair to Wladimir Klitchko, encompassing both entrepreneurial leaders representing the biggest companies in the world and budding tech geniuses showcasing their newest ideas, the Lisbon-based event has become the place to be in early November. 

It counts over 70,000 attendees, all gathering together to take the yearly pulse of the tech industry. In turn, it is a huge clustering point for journalists — ranging from the New York Times to the Sunday Times — shaping the headlines that will dominate the conversation over the next year. 

At XPOMET© we understand the power that Websummit has over the tech scene, which naturally also encompasses the world of health and future technologies. In our quest to learn more about Websummit and the latest breakthroughs in the healthcare industry we landed in Lisbon two days ago and will be attending until November 7th. After all, only by learning from the very best events around, can we become an even bigger player in the healthcare field. 

We are also on the hunt for sponsors of our own festival. Ranging from big names to cool start ups, there is no vision too big or too small than it cannot be aligned with the XPOMET© ethos. Technology is the great disrupter in the healthcare industry: by finding the coolest and greatest companies in the business, XPOMET© will only grow bigger as the major platform for facilitation between businesses and for customers discovering the latest solutions. 

Learn more about Becoming A Sponsor here.

If you are interested in connecting with us during the event, feel free to email our head of marketing Mirtsa Kutateladze at mirtsa.kutateladze@xpomet.com. She will be happy to deal with any query you might have and set up a brief meeting.