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Wiezmann Biotech Club

Wiezmann Biotech Club — Connecting Students and Professionals

Size doesn’t always matter. This is especially true for the small nation of Israel. The country is leading when it comes to technological innovations. is one of the world leaders when it comes to innovation in healthcare. Containing over 1,400 active life science companies, including numerous start-ups as well as multinationals, Israel has become a hub for all things related to life sciences and biotechnology.

One of the main secret’s to Israel’s success has been institutions such as the Weizmann Institute of Science. Founded in 1934, it is one of the world’s most prestigious research centres. Some of their most incredible discoveries in the realm of drugs include Copaxone, Cetuximab, Yescarta and Rebif. Additionally, its proximity to Ness Ziona means that many start-up companies have roots and links to the Institute.

As a result we are very glad to announce our partnership with the Wiezmann Biotech Club. They are an organization started in 2018 by students at the Institute to better connect the Institute of Science to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. One of the major concepts behind the club is to promote networking in a professional setting between students and industry veterans and provide peer-to-peer support for anyone interested in a career in the industry.

They specialise in Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Career Development, Innovation and Networking. One of their latest initiatives was a Finance Boot Camp for Biotechnology companies, hosted on January 16th, 2019. They also held a kick off industry event on March 28th to help students to learn about the Israeli and global biotech ecosystem.

To learn more about the Weizmann Biotech Club, you can either read about them on their LinkedIn page, follow them on their Slack channel, or visit their website, which also contains resources helpful for those industries in exploring the biotechnology industry. Their contribution in recommending speakers from the local ecosystem and inputs for the STEM session at XPOMET© Medicinale© 2019 is commendable. You can reach out to us for connecting with our partners.

Photo Credit: Wiezmann.org