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Women's Representation

Women’s Representation at XPOMET© Medicinale: Still Progress to be Made

This is a personal view on the topic and I genuinely believe there is more work needed in this direction. As a former scientist who has been curating some of the next generation healthcare topics, one of my aim has always remained to bring in more diverse and innovators who are making a difference at the forefront.In the last few months, I have made efforts towards giving equal opportunities to all presenters irrespective of their gender, background or any other bias. At some point, I was also quite fascinated that women’s representation in terms of speakers stood at the equal mark. This was one of the success points in designing the idea of XPOMET© Medicinale 2019. Yet, the final scene did not match with the expectations of having a gender balance in the number of speakers.

The picture on the top represents a Panel discussion on the topic of „Precision Medicine, Regenerative Medicine & its Future.“ The picture is a powerful depiction of what was ideated and what translated during the session. This picture barely gives the reality of talent in the field which has representation from all backgrounds.

Women's Representation

A similar theme is depicted by the picture in the above panel. The session was one of the most interesting sessions of XPOMET© Medicinale 2019 representing different start-up ecosystems across Germany, Austria, India, Africa andSwitzerland. Yet, the unequal women’s representation leaves a dent in the mind about work needed to create a fair playing field for all and efforts required to change mindsets.

When we are aiming for the best innovation and showcasing the work for the future, we should definitely not forget the problems of the past and the present. Only if we address the problems of the present, we will create a sound base to put up an impressive future. Efforts from me and the team would always be in the direction of creating a neutral yet supportive platform for both male and female speakers for XPOMET© Medicinale© 2020.

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Photo Credit: Denis Havantsev