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PEG: A Market Leader in Healthcare Innovation

Cooperation is one of the major themes of the XPOMET© Medicinale©. By working with other companies and institutions and conferences, we can learn from each other, allowing all sides to grow and learn in the process. Our latest partner, PEG, knows all about the value of working in partnership with others.

Since being founded in 1970, PEG is the market-leading purchasing cooperative when it comes to innovation in the German healthcare market. PEG stands for Private Einkaufs-und Betriebs Genossenschaft, which translates to English as “Private Purchasing and Business Association”, although the P has later been changed to professional. Their aim is to help maintain the high standards of the German healthcare industry.

It’s members — which totals around 2,900 employees across the entirety of Germany— are given a broad service portfolio, helped with arranging the best purchasing opportunities, and offered a wide range of procurement marketing and education opportunities. Affiliated institutions benefit through annual reimbursements and dividend payments. This helps to maintain healthcare quality while simultaneously improving patient safety and profitability. They also offer co-owners a wide suite of IT services. What makes them stand out is that their consultants are from the industries they offer advice on.

Every year they help organise a Symposium for Hospital Management, the 9th of which was just enjoyed in Munich on the 4th April. Whether it’s discussing the meaning of care, digital transformations, or management techniques, it’s a must attend event for people serious about healthcare in Germany. Chairman of the board and CEO Anton. J Schmidt will also be an Ambassador at Xpomet — learn more about him courtesy of his speaker profile. To learn more about PEG in general, head on over to their website now. You can also follow them on Facebook or check out their videos on YouTube.