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XPOMET© at Medica: Get in Touch!

In the healthcare industry, trade fairs are absolutely essential. By rounding up all the most important industries in one space, companies can both learn from and sell products and services to one another. One such highly important conference is Medica. Taking place this week in Düsseldorf (November 18-21), it is a world forum for Medical Technology, Electromedicine, Health IT, Data Controlling, Diagnostics, Physiotherapy and more. 

It is split up into five forums: Connected Healthcare, Health IT, Labmed, Econ and Tech. These forums have lectures, panel discussion and interactive exhibitions. These forums are complemented by a variety of conferences, spanning from German Hospitals to Medicine and Sports to Physiotherapy to Disaster and Military medicine. There are also two special shows, one dedicated to Start Ups and another dedicated to Wearable Technologies. They are part of the Medicalliance, a group of trade fairs spanning from Moscow to São Paulo to Singapore. If you would like to learn more about Medica and what they do, head on over to their website now. You can also follow them on Twitter and on Facebook

The amount of exhibitors they have at their event is truly astonishing, with over 5,000 different companies showing off their latest solutions. This depth and breadth makes it a perfect place for XPOMET© to visit, both for inspiration for our own conference and to make connections with great exhibitors at our own conference. That’s why we have several of our colleagues there now, who will be there until Thursday. 

Learn more about Becoming A Sponsor Here. 

If you are interested in getting in touch with us and arranging a meeting at Medica, we can be contacted through our contact form. Conversely, you can send me an email at redmond.bacon@xpomet.com.  We look forward to getting in touch with you! 

Photo Credit: Medica