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XPOMET© attended Luther StartUp Conference

XPOMET© attended the Luther StartUp Conference

Behind the innovative and engaging event of the XPOMET © Medicinale, which attracted 2,900 visitors in Berlin last autumn, is a team of ten enthusiastic and driven people. Our aim is to create a patient-focused healthcare platform showcasing future solutions that can be implemented across the industry.  

The Luther StartUp Conference Vol. 6 on January 30 united informative sessions and networking our team did not want to miss out. Connecting to peers from different industries and across Europe gave the team the opportunity to gather first-hand intel about the developments in funding, deep tech and the change makers behind the emerging and established companies. 

In the historical Musikbrauerei Berlin where industrial charm meets a hip Berlin touch, Luther created a stimulating and relaxing atmosphere for an evening full of inspiring conversations and connections. The evening started off with insightful panel discussions from impactful Venture Capitalists: Redstone, Sunfish Partners, and Signature Ventures, just to name a few.  

It was also the people who created a special environment at the Luther StartUp Conference: they were not talkers, but actual doers. With our team being among the “doers” as well, connecting at eyesight was made easy. The conversations we had across this evening were filled with fresh ideas and strengthened our view that our Medicinale format and the scientific exchange we promote is something the healthcare sector needs. Our key learning of the evening: Healthcare needs to try and understand technology’s high impact instead of copying or reinventing eCommerce models from other countries. Real innovation is required. 

To us, the Luther StartUp event was a great success. With the valuable connections we made and the inputs we got from inspiring people, our team is ready to start with new ideas for the new month. Thanks to the organisers!  

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