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XPOMET© Healthcare News Round-Up: 02.12.19

Whether its the latest breakthroughs in healthcare or the latest going ons at XPOMET©, our Healthcare News Round-Up is your one-stop shop to get an idea of what’s happening in the industry. From ketamine being used to combat alcoholism to irregular shaped squares fighting disease, to the biggest ever kidney removed in India, read on to learn everything about Healthcare News today. 

Ketamine could be used to treat alcohol addiction 

A study at the University College of London has concluded that a one-off dose of ketamine can work effectively in decreasing drinker’s desire to consume alcohol. This is achieved by ‚erasing‘ memories related to drinking. The next step is a clinical trial before the possibility of this treatment going live. 

Want to Live Healthy? Don’t Be A Square (Park)

A study by a Ph.D Urban and Regional Sciences student and a Professor of Visualization at Texas A&M University have concluded that complex shapes of local parks, as opposed to squares, can reduce mortality rates. As they concluded: „This association might be attributable to the increased number of access points provided by complex-shaped green spaces.“

Deportation Worries Appear to Double Risk of High Blood Pressure

If you are at risk of being deported, the risk of high blood pressure being developed is doubled. A University of California study of 572, 99 percent Mexican-born women living in agricultural areas of California showed that worrying about one’s status in a country can have „potentially negative impacts on the long-term cardiovascular health of immigrants and their families and community“.

Immunotherapy Can Possibly Help Men with Prostate Cancer

A phase II clinical trial by the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden, involving 258 men with advanced prostate cancer trying a new immunotherapy drug, named pembrolizumab, shows effectiveness with some men. This has followed successes with the same drug in treating advanced head and neck cancers. 

Doctors In India Remove 7.4kg Kidney from Patient 

Allegedly, the largest kidney ever removed in India, was taken out from a patient. With the average one weighing between 120-150g, a sufferer of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease, had one weighing a whopping 7.4kg. The operation took place at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi, but its not the largest kidney ever removed: that honour goes to one from the USA weighing 9kg. 

Alexa Tells Customers to Take Their Medication 

Alexa and Omnicell have joined forces. Now the Amazon-based app can remind their customers to take their medication. Right now it is only available for Giant Eagle Pharmacy Patients in Northern America, but perhaps it could be rolled out across all Alexa machines in the future.