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XPOMET© Healthcare News Round-Up: 09.12.19

Whether its the latest breakthroughs in healthcare or the latest going ons at XPOMET©, our Healthcare News Round-Up is your one-stop shop to get an idea of what’s happening in the industry. From the rise of measles deaths to new contraceptive pills to the latest health data handover, read on to learn everything about Healthcare News today. 

Measles Deaths Are on The Rise 

Over 140,000 people, the majority of them children under five, died from measles in 2018, with the UK losing its measles elimination status and the USA suffering its worst outbreak in over 25 years. The rise, which has been described as shocking by health experts considering how the disease is more or less preventable, is attributable both to limited access in developing countries and vaccine denial in developed countries.

Monthly Contraceptive Pill Developed by Scientists

For women on the pill, forgetting to take it one day can cause a variety of negative side effects. Thankfully, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have tested a new gelatine capsule on pigs, which, if effective, means that the pill would only need to be taken once a month. Nonetheless, the likelihood of side effects is probably still high.

Domestic Abuse Can Double Chance of Developing Illness

If you are a victim of domestic violence, your propensity towards developing illness could be doubled. A joint study between the University of Warwick and the University of Birmingham in the UK, concluded that women who have suffered domestic abuse are twice as likely to develop illnesses that cause bodily pain and extreme tiredness.

A New Magic Mushroom Spray Trial 

Sufferers of depression and PTSD could have a new method of treatment. Scientists at Silo Wellness have developed a nasal spray containing psilocybin in Jamaica – where the chemical is legal – for controlled microdosing. The expectation is that it can heal sufferers of trauma – for example war veterans – and people with depression.

NHS Hands Over Health Data to Amazon 

The NHS has given Amazon free access to its patient’s healthcare information. This was made as part of a deal to Alexa devices to give health advice. Coming during a heated election period, this decision has drawn criticism from those afraid that the NHS will be „sold off“ to the USA under a future trade deal.