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XPOMET© Healthcare News Round-Up: 18.11.19

Whether its the latest breakthroughs in healthcare or the latest going ons at XPOMET©, our Healthcare News Round-Up is your one-stop shop to get an idea of what’s happening in the industry. From XPOMET© at Medica to drug resistant infections to Google using your data, read on to learn everything about Healthcare News today. 

XPOMET© Meets Medica 

No matter the time of year, XPOMET© are always on the move. Right now several members of our team are at Medica, a world-leading healthcare trade fair with over 5,000 exhibitors in Dusseldorf. Our representatives from XPOMET© will be there through Thursday. If you want to connect with us there, please get in touch. 

If Drug Resistant Infections Increase, Millions of Lives Could Be At Risk 

While the climate crisis regularly ranks as one of the general civilisation’s greatest fears, there is a sense that the threat from superbugs is being underplayed. This is borne by the latest evidence; according to Pfizer UK, superbugs cause more than 700,000 deaths a year, with the figure potentially rising to 10 million by 2050. 

Switching to E-Cigarettes May Improve Vascular Health

The debate about the healthiness of e-cigarettes, especially in comparison to traditional smoking, rages on. Now a new study from the UK, where e-cigarettes are being heavily pushed by the government as a „safer“ alternative, suggests that switching to a vape or e-cigarette could improve vascular health. A two year trial hosted by the University of Dundee, found significant improvements in health within four weeks of the switch, with women seeing greater improvement than men. 

New Ebola Vaccine Approved 

The fight against Ebola continues, with a new vaccine, designed by Johnson & Johnson, now cleared by the World Health Organisation to be used as part of a major clinical trial in the Democratic Republic of Congo, servicing over 50,000 people. The vaccine joins Merck’s one-dose vaccine, which already has been given to a quarter of a million people.

Google Are Using Your Healthcare Data

Surprising probably no one, it turns out Google are collecting patient data on millions of Americans. This information was revealed by a whistleblower to be part of „Project Nightingale“, with Catholic health care system Ascension, giving them information on up to 50 million people across 21 states, as a means to better understand and shape the healthcare system. While the benefits of collecting data to better personalise medicine are well-documented, and this use is not technically illegal, it throws up some interesting questions about the ethics of collecting personal data.