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XPOMET© Healthcare News Round-Up: 27.01.19

Whether its the latest breakthroughs in healthcare or the latest going ons at XPOMET©, our Healthcare News Round-Up is your one-stop shop to get an idea of what’s happening in the industry. From the coronavirus spreading to football being linked to stress, we have everything about healthcare that you need to know!

Coronavirus Spreads

The deadly Coronavirus has risen exponentially, with over 2,700 infections and a death toll of over 80 people. While all the deaths have been in China, infections have been reported as far as the United States, Thailand, Australia and France. The heartening news is that it seems to affect no one under 60 and Germany has reported no infections so far, although they are likely. 

Fear of Football

Ever felt your blood boiling as your favourite team loses? Now it turns out that devoted football fans can be putting their health at risk due to their dedication to the sport. A University of Oxford study, which tested saliva of Brazilian fans during THAT 7-1 loss to Germany, saw their cortisol levels rocket, leaving them at higher risk of a heart attack. Dr Martha Newson, who instigated the report, suggested that perhaps stadiums should dim the lights or play calming music after particularly stressful games. 

A White Matter

Stress can also increase the chances of your hair turning white. An experiment on mice, a joint study by the Universities of Sao Paulo and Harvard, found dark furry mice turning white within just a matter of weeks. They found that pain in mice triggered the release of adrenaline and cortisol, which sped up the depletion of their stem cells, producing melanin in the hair follicles. With researchers also finding that they could block this process by giving mice an anti-hypertensive for high blood pressure, a cure for going grey could be on the way…

Potentially Revolutionary Immune Treatment

Scientists at Cardiff University have found a new method of killing prostate, breast and other cancers by harnessing a newly discovered part of our immune system. This T-cell and its receptor managed to kill a wide variety of cancerous cells such as lung, colon, breast, bone and others. Read more about its great potential via the BBC.