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International Club Berlin

XPOMET and SUENJHAID! The Health Captains Invites You To The International Club

Along with SUENJHAID! The Health Captains, we warmly invite members of our community and others to attend our social meeting-point and think-tank at the International Club Berlin, Thüringer Allee 5-11, on May 21st, 19:00. A short trip away from City Cube, The International Club is a prestigious British-style club in Westend, founded in 1994, that has become synonymous with exclusivity and quality. It currently counts none other than HRH The Prince of Wales as its Patron and the Ambassador of Great Britain, Sir Sebastian Wood, as an honorary member. To learn more about the venue, please check out their website here: https://www.ic-b.de/

To RSVP to the event, please send an email to either info@xpomet.com or michael@blanquet.de.

Please note that the event is cash bar only. There will be a security control, so you should be listed as a guest of either the XPOMET© MEDICINALE© or SUENJHAID! The Health Captains. Partners and colleagues are welcome!