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XPOMET© On the Lookout to Connect with STEM Communities

On Day Three of the Medicinale, we hosted a variety of sessions featuring people in different STEM communities. The intent of this was twofold — to bring together the best minds working in the cross-section between academia and industry, and to provide a valuable resource to students looking to gain a foothold into their future. 

Our session “Prototyping Innovations in Universities” brought together Innovation Leaders from Göttingen in Germany to Manipal in India to discuss the future of education while “Stem Communities” had some of our youngest speakers at the festival, discussing STEM networks spanning from Czech Republic to Berlin to Lisbon to the USA. This was accompanied on the previous day by the Medimeisterschaften takeover, culminating in an afterparty performed by medical students themselves. 

For 2020 XPOMET© wants to build on this foundation, becoming an even greater resource for students across Europe and the world. One of the key themes to emerge from these sessions is that there are many talented young people out there, only that they are not connected with the right communities or tools to truly thrive. By acting as a facilitator between the young generation and older decision makers, XPOMET© has the potential to drive innovation and become a market leader in the world of healthcare. 

We are looking for three different types of partners in this respect. One is corporates with an interest in student communities, another is Universities and Medical Student Festivals, and the third is non-profit organizations. From running workshops at your institution, to putting on Science Slams to providing scientific certifications, XPOMET© wants to be at the centre of the STEM world. If you want to get in touch with XPOMET©, please feel free to get in touch with either me at redmond.bacon@xpomet.com or the head of Scientific Programme Dr. Jubin Shah at jubin.shah@xpomet.com. We look forward to hearing more from you.

Photo Credit: Denis Havantsev