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Xpomet To Pair Up With #Gesundheit

At Xpomet, we’re all about health. Obviously – everything we do is geared around bringing the best thinkers and doers in medicine together in one place. So when we had the chance to partner up with #Gesundheit – that’s #health, for those of you that don’t speak German – then we had to jump at the chance.

#Gesundheit are a platform designed to bring together young people in the healthcare sector to share experiences, build best practice and find solutions to the problems facing healthcare in the 21st century. They are interdisciplinary, spread across Germany (and beyond) and focussed on building new ideas through the power of social media.

Obviously, that makes them perfect partners for Xpomet 2019! Our speaker list is packed with old hands with decades of experience in the healthcare field, but also includes young people who will lead the movement into the future of healthcare. You can get involved with #Gesundheit by, well, using the hashtag on social media, and by following their accounts.

Their Facebook is here, their Twitter is here, their Insta is here and their YouTube is here. Make sure you follow them to get involved in the most important debates facing healthcare ahead of Xpomet 2019!
Photo taken by the facebook page of #Gesundheit.