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Xpomet Welcomes Healzz.Community Onboard As A Partner!

New week, new partner! We’re proud to announce another corporate partner for Xpomet 2019 – Healzz.Community.

Healzz are one of the most important networking communities in the healthcare sector, bringing together professionals from around the globe to discuss the future of medicine. Sounds like a perfect fit for Xpomet, right?

They began life on the Xing social media platform over a decade ago and have gone from strength to strength since, using mutual cooperation networks to advance new ideas and accelerate growth. They are a meeting point for professionals, experts and influencers in the healthcare field across all online platforms, creating a place where ideas are up for questioning and where progress can be made through debate and discussion, outside of the usual social media echo chamber.

We’re proud to have them as partners and look forward to them bringing a little flavour of Healzz to Arena Berlin in October 2019!

You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and, of course, on Xing!

Welcome aboard, Healzz.Community!