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Dear partners and participants

Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19, particularly in Germany and around the world, we decided to cancel XPOMET © Medicinale 2020 which was supposed to take place on October 14th-16th, 2020


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XPOMET© Medicinale 2019 in Numbers









About XPOMET ©Medicinale

The XPOMET © Medicinale is the biggest interactive medical & tech festival in Europe. We are developing a patient-focused healthcare platform showcasing best practices and providing unique access to next-generation health.

With Over 5,000 international guests, 150 speakers and 150 companies all sharing their perspectives of the future across ARENA Berlin, the Medicinale is an opportunity to influence, Inspire, Innovate, Invest, Implement and achieve Impact.

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8 Sections of the Festival

Coding Saves Lives

Health Hackathon exists to create a bridge between existing, emerging and future healthcare trends. The stakeholders involved seek to solve different and acknowledge coding saves lives.

Impact the Future

We bring the world’s best inter-disciplinary talents to highlight the latest trends in health and foresee future changes. The diverse line up includes Nobel prize winners, astronauts, and leaders in healthcare, life sciences, and industry.

Hands-on innovations Experience

Interactive showcases bring together innovations from different companies and medical institutions and put them into context & action. These use-case sessions foster collaborations, allow getting real-time feedback and testing your ideas.

Consolidating Intergenerational Mindsets

In Talent Bridge Arena, XPOMET© will match top young talents with industry leaders in healthcare. Generations Y, Z, and X will meet to discuss differences in their mindsets, expectations and changing market needs.

From Bench to Bedside and Back

We bring start-ups into synergy with major players in healthcare, investors, accelerators, and scientists to facilitate collaborations. Workshops, live-presentations, brainstorming – Innovators get all the opportunities to fly high!

Foster the Future of Health & Care

In Next Generation Arena we will support interdisciplinary exchange between students, young professionals, and healthcare management. Our goal is to foster conversations on changing the care system by breaking new ground in teaching.

Creative minds enable creative thinking

We are the festival that wants people to think outside the box when it comes to creating and scaling new solutions in the healthcare industry. Let’s bridge the connection between arts and the sciences together!

Diving into the Future

At Deep Dive lounges we are offering a deep dive into trending topics together with other decision makers. Diverse range of participants includes politicians, scientists, top managers and other industry leaders. Share your experience, discuss the problems, find solutions!

Invited Speakers 2020

What Participants are Saying

Strategic convergence fosters unique outcomes. The XPOMET© Medicinale was a wonderful experience where some fantastic experts from different areas of the biomedical sector converged on one platform. It was great to be a part of this version in 2019 and contribute in a couple of panels. We have some exciting opportunities built up through this for C-CAMP and this couldn’t have happened without XPOMET© Medicinale. Looking forward to continuing this engagement.

Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed
<CEO & Director, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms/>

XPOMET© Medicinale bietet praktische Erfahrung und Zugang zu aktuellen Trends und neuesten medizinischen Technologien. Sowohl als Moderator als auch als Besucher war es ein einzigartiges und inspirierendes Erlebnis

Yayoi Sakaki
< CEO, Project Ipsilon B.V./>
Georg Füllen

The XPOMET© Medicinale offers a wonderful variety of topics. As a researcher interested in ageing and prevention, I noted that so many of these topics are related to my research focus, so that I could establish a wide array of very useful contacts.

Prof. Georg Füllen
<University of Rostock/>

I had a great opportunity to learn and network. XPOMET© Medicinale 2019 is relevant and I believe this Medicinale will increase its relevance every year.

Amit Kumar Jain
<CEO, Cognits GmbH/>

XPOMET© Medicinale 2019 brought together some of the best thinkers and doers in exponential technologies applied to Healthcare. It was very Interesting to have access to top influencers in their fields, all under the same futuristic roof! An important experience for sure!

Dr. Rafael Grossmann
<Healthcare Innovator/>
Jonah Grütters

XPOMET© Medicinale 2019 was an opportunity to hold my first talk in front of an international audience. I loved it.

Jonah Grütters
<National Officer on Medical Education, German Medical Students' Association/>

It was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to get there next year.

Frank Sieren
<Senior Asia Columnist at Handelsblatt/>
Wolfgang Holzgreve

The XPOMET© Medicinale creates an atmosphere where young people meet more established ones, but feel free to present innovative and sometimes disruptive ideas in a receptive environment, which is what we need for progress

Professor Wolfgang Holzgreve
<Medical Director and CEO University Hospital Bonn/>

Danke, dass Sie XPOMET© Medicinale mir erlaubt haben, medizinisches Cannabis auf der innovativsten und herausragendsten wissenschaftlichen Konferenz in die Spitzengruppe der Gesundheitssysteme zu bringen

Dr. Moran Grinberg
<CEO, Medikana Inc/>

XPOMET© Medicinale was a great experience. I listened a lot, I learned a lot and got several new ideas that I brought back home.

Prof. Dr. Lawrence Friedman
<UCSD & XPOMET© Medical Board/>
Aubrey de Grey

XPOMET© Medicinale is a terrific celebration of innovation and creativity.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey
<Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation/>

XPOMET© Medicinale 2019 — boldly going where no conference has gone before. Vibrant, insightful, innovative, fun. More.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Heinemann
<FOM University of Applied Sciences/University Medicine Essen/>

XPOMET© Medicinale 2019 was an amazing networking event which attracted top international speakers to Berlin. Looking forward to 2020!

Dr. Christian Tidona
<Founder, BioMed X Innovation Center, Heidelberg/>

XPOMET© Medicinale puts me at the center of the world! From clinical insights to personal connections, I'm transported to a place where I get a clearer view of the future."

John Nosta
<President of NostaLab/>

We had a memorable and educative experience at XPOMET© Medicinale 2019. The interaction with international startups, visiting new technologies and attending guest talks added to the shared learning experience.

Prakhar Jain
<Founder of MicroXLabs/>
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