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Ulrich Pieper and Alois Steidel are the founders of XPOMET© Medicinale in Berlin. The founders get strong support by the members of the Medical Board, the Advisory Board and the growing group of 150 Ambassadors as an additional creative think-tank to focus XPOMET© Medicinale on scaleable value-based innovations.

The XPOMET© Team is international. With many different experiences between us, both inside and outside of the healthcare sector, we support unorthodox ideas from well outside of the box.

Ulrich Pieper
Founder and General Manager of XPOMET

Ulrich Henning Pieper (Diploma in Engineering) has been working in the healthcar...

Jubin Shah
Head of Conference

Jubin Shah is the conference head at Xpomet. He is also leading the design and i...

Simon Richter
Head of Exhibition

B.Sc. Business Administration / Marketing, ZFU-certified online marketing manage...

Miriam Bauer
Press Officer

Mirjam is the press officer at Xpomet. She has over 25 years practical experienc...

Mirtsa Kutateladze
Marketing & International PR

Mirtsa is an experienced marketing manager passionate about events. She holds a ...

Exhibition Manager

Business economic studies graduate (Master of Science) Tony Dewitz is part of ou...

Dana Knight

Dana’s background combines wellness, medicine, media & journalism. She is a qu...


Alois G. Steidel is the Founder, Owner, and CEO of K|M|S Sales and Services AG, ...

Conference Manager

Janita Mintcheva is the Conference Manager at Xpomet. She completed her Bachelor...

Head of Exhibition

The Chairman of the Medical Board...