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10–12. Oktober 2019


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Das Festival der Zukunftsmedizin und Pflege

Die XPOMET© Medicinale 2019 – Ein einzigartiges Festival

XPOMET © ist die neue globale Plattform für das Gesundheitssystem der nächsten Generation. Das dreitägige Technologie- und Medizinfestival inspiriert Fachpublikum und interessierte Bürger vom 10. bis 12. Oktober 2019 mit Entdeckungen und Fortschritten aus den Gesundheitswissenschaften.

Über 5000 Gäste aus ganz Europa und weltweit werden 150 anregende Referenten, 15 Workshops und Thinks Tanks und mehr als 200 der innovativsten Unternehmen erleben, um neue transdisziplinäre Lösungen, Geschäftsmodelle und Partnerschaften in Medizin und Lebenswissenschaften zu entdecken und zu fördern. Ergänzt wird das Programm durch einen Hackathon, DJs, Musiker und Kunstperformances.

Sei am 10. bis 12. Oktober 2019 in Berlin dabei, wenn wir gemeinsam die Zukunft der Gesundheit formen.

game changers


Tausche dich mit Experten aus aller Welt über die Zukunftstrends in der Medizin aus.


Lerne die neusten Errungenschaften in Gesundheit und Pflege in Diskussionsforen und Workshops kennen.


Tauche gemeinsam mit Freunden und Verwandten in die spannende Welt der Zukunftsmedizin ein.



Triff die Unternehmer, die das weltweite Gesundheitssystem nachhaltig verändern.


Was Teilnehmer sagen

For me, the XPOMET© 2018 was the most impressive and promising event for innovation and digital transformation in healthcare. It was great to meet so many interesting and open minded experts from the different branches of the healthcare system and to see them working together with great enthusiasm. Finally, I was able to see many people face to face, with whom I usually only communicate via Twitter. #pinksocks

Prof. Dr. Jan P. Ehlers, M.A., FTA (Inf. & Dok.)
<Vicepresident University Witten/Herdecke/>

New and new are happy to join! For us as Health Innovation Port - founded in October 2017 by the Philips corporation and the Techniker Health Insurance - the XPOMET© as a new event was a great way to gain more exciting insights into the Digital Health (Startup) scene and also make many interesting contacts. A good first serve, which hopefully will be repeated in the coming years!

Silvana Hansmann und Yvonne Drebes
< Philips Innovation Hub/>

The XPOMET© is a performance show for the medicine of the future.


Full program and high-tech equipment at the XPOMET© premiere in Leipzig

Leipziger Volkszeitung

Industry 4.0 has long since arrived in the healthcare sector. The media call what is currently happening in the DACH market 'The catching-up of the Silicon Valley'. The XPOMET © Convention creates a space for this catch-up

Bio-Deutschland e.V.

Medicine is not a science of its own but applied logic, which is the must serve different sciences.

Eduard Spranger
<†17 September 1963, Philosopher and Psychologist/>

XPOMET 2018. From the underdog to the innovative ecosystem.... Such a sense of community probably has not existed at any European healthcare event


The XPOMET© was a very successful convention, with exciting new topics around the cutting-edge medicine of the future. The broad but also scientifically deep program impressed me.

Stefan Kürbis
<Senior VP Global HR & Innovation Management, W.O.M. World Of Medicine GmbH/>

The industry exhibition with the many product presentations of the digital future gave a good outlook on the benefits of digital medicine in the coming decades. I'm really looking forward to the XPOMET© Convention 2019 in Berlin and would like to be there again

Kurt Becker
<Head of Department Health Technology Management APOLLON University of Health Economics, Bremen/>

I was impressed by the ambitious program (six sessions in parallel!) as well as with the very high quality of speakers, that the XPOMET© Team had invited.

Hannes Sjoblad
<Tech Advisor, Speaker & Biohacker/>

The XPOMET Convention was a unique event for me in this form for Germany. It was possible to exchange and discuss current and future developments in digitization in the hospital and nursing sector.

Heinrich Recken
<German Society for Nursing Science e.V./>

Overall, a truly remarkable event that I am happy to recommend to anyone working in the medical related industries

João Bocas
<CEO at Digital Salutem/>

The XPOMET was a complete success! The new, young format of a medical technology trade fair has inspired many specialists and executives and, in particular, has also attracted junior staff.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erwin Keeve
<Charité Berlin/>

The XPOMET Convention 2018 in Leipzig was a truly unforgettable experience!

Paul Sonnier
<Digital Evangelist/>

The XPOMET Medicinale is the only convention format in the world that integrates the entire medicine community and does not restrict itself to a unique topic or a specific occupational group.

Ulrich Pieper
<Founder of XPOMET/>
Foto von Gerlinde Bendzuck

It was a really horizon-expanding experience – a nice mix of high-tech and high-touch.

Gerlinde Bendzuck (Chairwoman)
<Landesvereinigung Selbsthilfe Berlin e.V./>
Photo of Dr. Shafi Ahmed

XPOMET was an excellent medtech conference highlighting the importance of collaboration and showcasing great startups and world class speakers. The energy and enthusiasm of the XPOMET team led to an incredibly successful conference and next years promise to be even better.

Dr. Shafi Ahmed (Virtual Surgeon)
<Royal College of Surgeons of England/>

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